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"cuzalligotisthispoetry"~N'Kyenge Ayanna

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

With Love,

I am a house, a museum even
spread and echoing, I am buttery
rashed thighs from knocked knees
trees smoked too frequently
blackened lips that used too kiss with
tongue lies, so filthy
so untrue
so inexplicably you.

N'Kyenge Ayanna fourohnine

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

From the bottom to the top.

 1.He saw her, a caramel colored girl in Australia by way of Brazil, accented portuguese lips, every word spoken, a lovesong. 2. She ended her phone conversation as the doors sealed. 3.They both pushed the button at the same time, all the while he smiled in silence, repeatedly rubbing his left eye.4. He did this when he was nervous or excited. 5. He was currently both. 6. She fingered through her thick locks, shifting them to the right side cascading down her shoulder and exposing the left side of her neck, she too smiled, gently. 7. Her perfume, unrecognizable but reaching his nostrils tantalizing him like a samba. 8. Her scent was making him think things, allowing him to kaleidesope into a sensational tantrum. 9. He would not be shy. 10. He was bearded and didn't want to scratch her face but he craved the warmth of her mouth and knew he had to kiss her. 10. It wasn't that she was oblivious to the sudden heat between them. 11. She was however, cordially aroused. 12. The way his lips were perfect when he smiled, his beard perfectly carved around his olive skin. 13. His lips were medium full. 14. Her breasts tingled. 15. No, her ears began to pop and her belly dropped as they lifted higher. 16. She slid her left foot out of her leopard print flat exposing pink pedicured toes, using her foot to aid in the now intense itching in her leg she needed to scratch. 17. Squeezed. 18. Caress, now grab, soft touch. 19. His lips stick. 20. Her face scratched so good. 21. Disheveled, smeated and heavy breath. 22-25. Time is no more and there is only openess at the top. 26. Emergency stop button.

12:29 pm
buen provecho


He graffittied her
skin with his
lust love packed
tightly and long
bending over, under
plummeting across as
if she were a

N'Kyenge Ayanna Brown
tenohtwo am 51915

Monday, May 18, 2015


 I could never say when it began, if it
 was locked deep inside puddles of april
 rains left or
 that one day everything became overly white in Chicago
 and because of it,  anxious and
 irresponsibley never minding the flushed purple
 cheeks in the looking glass every single hurt is bleeding
 again, the whispers don't quiet and I become
 lost breath, almost dying each time.

N'Kyenge Ayanna

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cheeky (Chee-KEE)

She never knew what cheeky meant
but now she knows it wasn't the obvious
and every mirror looking back is not a lie,
joke or an oxymoron . the looking glass is honest
and she carries the bones of her ancestors in her cheeks, high
up as if storing circles of cement, her cheekbones don't move
and how could they when she is oceans of women bones who only wanted to

N'KyengeAyannaBrown the 1st
May 12 2015
threefortytwo pm

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Free Feels

He said the sun was a lemon
and then he squeezed me so
tight I liked it even though his hand
was a hammer pounding into me.

N'Kyenge Ayanna Brown four twentythree 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015



Dearest Dr. King with this bold voice I sing and spoken word with the utmost respect, revelation and intellect, I ask the questions in my mind can't press rewind this is our time but in this time much has changed but not much changed just rearranged for political stages, I honor you for the words you spoke, for your quest of hope for the speeches you wrote, because of you
I can Waterfountain anywhere and take a sip
I can Lunchcounter pick my seat wi...thout a whip
I can hold hands and kiss a white without my murder and I can educate at any school let's take this further
my question is HOW CAN I MOVE THE CROWD? like Eric B. and Rakim said, first of all, ain't no mistakes allowed, you dreamed your dream and paved a way it's up to me to create change because my Black skin ain't hardly a sin it's where I begin
and images of you stir up my soul
I feel empowered and elevated like I can reach these goals and I promise every night when I lay my head to sleep, I thank The Lord for Visions cause'I know my dreams he keeps! UNITY!

Thank you Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

N'Kyenge Ayanna
 nineteenth of january 2015~ celebrating Dr. Kings Day