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"cuzalligotisthispoetry"~N'Kyenge Ayanna

Saturday, October 31, 2015

My life in the sunshine

Am I a dead man walking though?
Feeling pain, ankles chained
Where my shoes yo?

I'm cold as ice , eyes and legs
Wide open
Pushing love up out my
Womb no words spoken.

My mouth won't move I call her name
But she won't answer
With her baby cry and there I
Lie with Christian cancer.

Just bees and trees and flowers
Just bees and things and flowers

N'Kyenge Ayanna 
Eleven twenty eight 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Besa me cigaro

Roll me up tight
Joint like
But don't smoke me
Maybe fit me inside of a conga
A bongo even
I want to go home freely
I'm tired of slaving for you
I'm tired of caving for you
I'm emptiness locking
I'm granny's chair rocking
Lap missing
Friends dissing
Strangers kissing
I gots to get mine.

N'Kyenge Ayanna

Sunday, September 13, 2015

When baby talks...

Baby said my thighs are glory-us
baby said my black skin is a mystery
in the way that it's endless-ly wrapping
me the way aluminum foil does chocolate bars

Baby said my thighs are glory-us
baby said my black skin is a mystery
in the way that it's endless-ly wrapping
me the way aluminum foil does chocolate bars

Baby said when we make love to the highest heights
we are worshiping because we are won as intended and
so when my body goes limp and I loose consciousness
it was suppossed to be on account of matrimony holy

Baby said we are married if he say so, that we belong together
and you can tell the way he fits inside of every thought, every mention
and extension measured of legs, bootie , arms and thighs. I am his
creamsickle chocolate drop and I am his muthafunking brick house the way I
take him to music- blues-jazz-funk-latin-blues and so forth back and forth.

Baby said I am a lovesong. Baby said I am a poem, a poetry in pumps with depth
to my soul and when I holler you can here the slaves on the plantation bleeding songs
for freedom and that's that real, the realness. Of course I'm a queen, baby says, ain't
no doubt about that and why should we restate the obvious wasting precious words, word.

Baby said I was created for the length of him, he is my knowledge and I his wisdom and
we are prayers to the Jesus Christ we represent. We are oneness the way two's want to be one
and I waited forever to be loved and spoken to the way baby speaks to me inside of my heart
and my soul, the way his breath warm penetrates my ears and the lower half of me weeps for
all of he and thankful praise for the Love that God gave me through him and so I wait..
I wait..
for baby to talk..

N'Kyenge Ayanna eightfiftythree pm nine-thirteen-twentyfifteen

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Black Bird

I am bloodied knees on pavement black
give it back
I want it all back
sidewalk chalking my visions
no more pastels
no more minstrels
show me the door baby
open this hot damned window
I'm ready to fly.

N'Kyenge Ayanna Brown 82515

Monday, July 27, 2015


Honestly, who even knows if this is still your name
and what is the significance of a name anyway when you
are considerably soul tied as you and I have been, since forever

I have no comprehension why you chase my thoughts, why you
appear in dreams and disappear for years leaving me endlessly burning
bridges I was too afraid to cross in the first damned place but we are not we
any longer. We are every bit of strangers, colorless and unknowing

However, I am certain that our lips still fit, what I mean to say is that you were my teacher
my eyes closed and every since I've been repeating that moment, writing it in love songs,
poems and term papers accidentally because that kind of love is epic and I ain't seen it since

I have not seen or known love that stretches limbs and leaps bounds like that and it
causes me to palm my chest, forget my breath, forget my line breaks and punctuation
and daydream about not what isn't but what could be and I'm not saying it has to be with
you Carlito, but what I am saying in this informal sort of way is that if I could love the way

I loved you again, and the way you loved me when you were my teacher and my friend and we
lost it all over the nonsense, the white and brown girls, the pimp who took it then stole it and age and miseducation, the whole lot of it, you know the bullcrap, the distance that became the end

When we never talk, chat, photograph or anything that memories treasure , yet you
keep allowing your soul to come for me, to come to me and why is that Carlito is my question because I am apologetically certain that I cannot ever unlove you, even if that is no longer your name
even if you've forgotten me, we and us. There is no reservation, just a table full of name cards.

N'Kyenge Ayanna

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

With Love,

I am a house, a museum even
spread and echoing, I am buttery
rashed thighs from knocked knees
trees smoked too frequently
blackened lips that used too kiss with
tongue lies, so filthy
so untrue
so inexplicably you.

N'Kyenge Ayanna fourohnine

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

From the bottom to the top.

 1.He saw her, a caramel colored girl in Australia by way of Brazil, accented portuguese lips, every word spoken, a lovesong. 2. She ended her phone conversation as the doors sealed. 3.They both pushed the button at the same time, all the while he smiled in silence, repeatedly rubbing his left eye.4. He did this when he was nervous or excited. 5. He was currently both. 6. She fingered through her thick locks, shifting them to the right side cascading down her shoulder and exposing the left side of her neck, she too smiled, gently. 7. Her perfume, unrecognizable but reaching his nostrils tantalizing him like a samba. 8. Her scent was making him think things, allowing him to kaleidesope into a sensational tantrum. 9. He would not be shy. 10. He was bearded and didn't want to scratch her face but he craved the warmth of her mouth and knew he had to kiss her. 10. It wasn't that she was oblivious to the sudden heat between them. 11. She was however, cordially aroused. 12. The way his lips were perfect when he smiled, his beard perfectly carved around his olive skin. 13. His lips were medium full. 14. Her breasts tingled. 15. No, her ears began to pop and her belly dropped as they lifted higher. 16. She slid her left foot out of her leopard print flat exposing pink pedicured toes, using her foot to aid in the now intense itching in her leg she needed to scratch. 17. Squeezed. 18. Caress, now grab, soft touch. 19. His lips stick. 20. Her face scratched so good. 21. Disheveled, smeated and heavy breath. 22-25. Time is no more and there is only openess at the top. 26. Emergency stop button.

12:29 pm
buen provecho