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"cuzalligotisthispoetry"~N'Kyenge Ayanna

Monday, February 24, 2014

No Country of Uterus

The woman at the bus stop has a contracting uterus
she forgot to be impregnated so she waits for the bus
The woman at the corner has chocolate milk, it is
staining her white vneck t-shirt.
The woman at the corner with the titty-milk stains is
holding a just got here baby.
The baby cries in the arms of the woman on the corner with the chocolate milk titties.
 The woman at the bus stop folds over.
The woman at the bus stop has a contracting uterus
she is alone in the world, she is allergic to cats.
The woman at the bus stop is a human rocking chair.
Her life is back and forth, all the time back and forth and every
day back and forth.
The woman at the bus stop pledges allegiance to her uterus, since it
won't stop jumping, won't stop dancing and shaking.
You are no country of Uterus god damnit, you are no country of uter us!

N'Kyenge Ayanna eleven twenty 22414

Friday, February 14, 2014

Please don't let me die on Valentines Day!

it would be ridiculous really
to be found affectionately dead
to have come to your loved one
with roses, chocolates and a fresh new pair of
converse sneakers only to find her affections silemt
as whispers of love fill her face and kisses smother her cheeks
 she remains
stretched out
as if set in a scene, her
lips, toes and fingers painted red
her body lies cold, cold and colder
with the scent of Dolce y Gabanna Light Blue
permeating from her neck

N'Kyenge Ayanna seveninthemorning twofourteenoffourteen iwrotethisinthedark

Friday, February 7, 2014

Too Much

I am dying of an old woman´s disease and I never even got the chance to become old.
My sexy slivered and sunk into cotton fields that nothing good happens in
no life, only pain. I cry alot.

I am dying of an old woman´s  disease and the shit hurts and I never got to finish being young and vibrant and in my prime colors.

I am yellow all the time.
I am blue mostly.
I am no longer red and
I am black only because we are all black when the lights go

N´Kyenge Ayanna Brown tenten 2-7-14

Friday, January 24, 2014


she sleeps, sideways even
slanted across space that isn't his
she is tshirt and pantied hot from humidity
no air , breathe slow
wooooh ooooooh
if you cry I will f'n kill you
she tears anyway
because what a waste of space to be
sideways and slanted in...
an empty room
where love lost.

 N'Kyenge Ayanna one twelve am

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I am so sunshine right now, I am sunshine high, I am chocolate skin glistening from sunshine heavy hitting my soul. I am sunshine finishing this race of words. I am sunshine storying in the softest speaks...dear world, it's me, n'kyenge ayanna and i'm writing this for you. ~ N'Kyenge Ayanna

Monday, November 25, 2013

Chicago Black Line

It was like bass climbing the tracks
rushing us always
getting us high
getting us in the way of
madness the way life does and
love does
always back and forth
always up and down
always in and out and
thats what it was
thats how it is
I mean, rhythm can't help
itself when felt inside out
and I was the filth to his El.

N'Kyenge Ayanna Brown 122513 eightohthreepm

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I wrote this for my BFF

because I remember the endless conversations between slanted turquoise walls that
only you would call blue and we would talk until it was already the next day, the early morning and company had to go so I left and you walked me to my car we weren't children but we were young
we were young and then we grew each other up, somehow over years of together and years of missing we could never unstick and um- I remember tears between us. I remember physical and emotional and hugs that never could end. I remember your sweatshirt smell...the trust between us, through sickness and health it wasn't like we were playing, we both wanted a confident.
you cried for me and I cried for you way too much and we were secretly close to love
we were BFF's before that was the terminology, we showed the world how boy and girl do
we were a we god damnit, innocent loving and fun
we were bone thugs and harmony meets Sade, every night, same time, same place, same feels
we were spirit connected, okay honey, yes baby and sometimes in Spanish and plus
we were not odds against but even enough to let it ride and make something happen and so we tried
and you pushed and pushed a little more and I couldn't take it so I pulled away with watered eyes but it was okay because you were my first
idea of what love for me could really be like.
what love for me could really feel like and
I named my first daughter and swore you to secrecy then we promised to go half on a
baby, remember
we knew communication
we knew lip speak
we knew lip speak
now we don't speak
we never speak that much
anymore , and it took all of these words and all of this remembering
to say BFF I miss you

N'Kyenge Ayanna 110613 twelve zero zero